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At Peter J. Marchiano, Jr., CPA, we hold ourselves to a high standard of honesty, integrity, and service that our clients truly appreciate. We value our clients and work hard to deliver the combination of accounting solutions and tax services each one needs to manage their finances efficiently.

Check out these reviews from some of our satisfied clients then give us a call at 732-606-9199 or request a free initial consultation through our website to learn more about what we can do for you.


My husband and I have worked with Pete Marchiano for about 3 years now. We have been very happy with Pete’s attention to our annual tax needs. He has also been very knowledgeable and helpful in providing tax advice for our changing financial situations. It is a nice feeling to know we have someone we can trust at tax time and all the times in between.

Candice Cambridge, VP Senior Money Out Project Manager

TD Bank


As someone who has never written a letter of recommendation, I had to make an exception this time. My experience dealing with Pete was very special. Aside from his professionalism, he took the time to explain to me how I was short-changing myself and how to get back the maximum refund that I had coming. I never had a CPA that took the time and explained all my options the way he did. See you next year Pete.

Glen Passin


I've known Peter Marchiano for many years, and in addition to being a terrific person, he has also been a reliable and meticulous source of financial information and guidance. Peter has proactively found ways to help me re-structure our investments to minimize tax exposure and every year he has worked diligently on my behalf to ensure that I submitted an accurate and complete tax return. Peter possesses the rare combination of integrity and expertise that gives me great comfort when I entrust him with my family financial information. It’s always a pleasure to speak with Peter, and I strongly recommend his work to anyone looking for sound tax planning and tax preparation advice from a true professional.

Dave Mauro


I’ve been a client of Pete’s since he started his business in 1987. During that time, my accounting and financial service needs have expanded and become much more complex. It is extremely comforting to know that regardless of how small or complicated my situation is, Pete is always prepared to provide sound advice, support and guidance in a timely manner. There are more well-known, brand name options available to me. I know for sure, however, that no one can come close to matching the high level of personalized service, professionalism, responsiveness and broad expertise I have come to expect and consistently receive from Pete. The trust and confidence I have in Pete and the peace of mind I feel because of that have made me a client for life. I strongly recommend Pete Marchiano without reservations.

Mike Mauro


When doing my tax preparation, Pete Marchiano is the right guy. You can trust him, very knowledgeable on what he does and will help his clients all he can. Did I mention that he is very patient too? Well, he is!!!! We got hit with Hurricane Irene and we just bought a house and didn't know what we should do. We didn't have any money to fix the property and Pete Marchiano even offered to pay him in installments.



I am very glad that Peter Marchiano, or Pete as I call him, is the person who takes care of my financial needs. He has done wonders with my taxes but that is not why I fully endorse him. He is personable and has become more than just my accountant. When we communicate now, the conversation starts with our children and baseball, then progresses into the matter at hand. I know he cares and because of this, I know he has my best interest at heart. I wouldn't want anyone else helping me with decisions as important as financial decisions and I would highly recommend Pete to anyone.

Peter Naccarelli, Jr.


Pete was very responsive to all our questions before, during and after we filed our taxes. He is available for questions throughout the year, not just during tax filing time. Pete is friendly and explains complicated accounting and tax terms in plain English. We are very happy we have found such a competent and friendly accountant.

Steve and Kim Kozakiewicz


I usually do my mom’s taxes but was too busy this year so I had Pete do them. I found him to be very friendly and competent. Plus he was quick to return my phone calls and answered any questions I had. If I don’t have time to do them next year, I’ll be calling him again.

Michele Gruenling


We have been utilizing Mr. Marchiano’s accounting services for over 20 years. His expertise and advice during each tax season has been honest and forth right and has provided optimum results. If you are a business or individual seeking sound financial guidance, Mr. Marchiano is the best choice!

Ed Davis


Hi…I’m John, a 24 year old barber who recently took ownership of a previous barber shop local to the area. When I found out that I was going to take the big step in owning my own business, I reached out to one of my clients who I’d been giving haircuts to for many years. Knowing that my trustworthy client owned his own DJ company, I figured I’d find out who he had as an accountant and how he proceeded with his payroll. After my client told me all these great things about his accountant, I had to see for myself, so I gave Peter a call.

We set up a meeting and further discussed the details. I instantly knew he was the right guy for the job when he said, “I want to be looked at as an investment, and not as an expense”. Learning the ropes of owning my first business, I found Peter to be very helpful and useful. He always guides me in the right direction with a lot of insight and answers for any questions I have. Working with him is simple, comfortable, and I know I’m in good hands. He gets what you need done as soon as you need it. Since I started working with him, I know I made the right choice and always feel right at home. I’m happy that he was referred to me because now not only is he my accountant, but I can also call him a friend.

John, 100% Satisfied Customer/Friend


Peter J. Marchiano may quite simply be the best accountant on the east coast-and beyond. He can handle any job that comes his way and in addition offers his services with complete professionalism that goes above and beyond any accountant I have ever encountered. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone who wants their financial needs met.

Dave Palughi


It is always a pleasure to refer my clients to the Marchiano CPA firm. My clients have enjoyed substantial taxation savings while receiving prompt attention and outstanding service, the same service Pete provides to me as my accountant. When I send clients to Pete, I know they will get the best tax advice and will be in good hands. Thanks Pete.

Valerie F. Avrin, Esq.


I found Pete whilst looking for a competent CPA to perform a financial review of a company I was looking to buy. From the outset, Pete was courteous, professional and fully engaged in what I was looking to achieve. His advice throughout the whole process was detailed and helped me make an informed decision on such a large purchase. Following on from the purchase, Pete advised on the appropriate company setup to suit my current & future needs as well as helping me navigate QuickBooks to manage my finances. Pete is always at the end of the phone line or contactable by email to assist me when I need his advice. Because of his positive attitude, I felt comfortable recommending him to a friend who was looking for help on tax issues. In summary, Pete had been a great find and asset.



My name is Anthony Martinelli and I have known Pete Marchiano for over 15 years and he has been preparing my taxes for almost as long. I have been through a variety of financial situations-some very rewarding and some hardship years. Pete has gone the extra mile for me through all of them. He has gone through the tax codes and found items that pertained to my situations which resulted in substantial savings to me and my family. He could have easily taken the easy route and given a half-hearted effort, but that is not in his character and personality. I have witnessed how he has handled other clients concerns and situations with sincere care and professionalism. He e-mails me periodically information or tax tips which could help me through the years. I could not be happier or more comfortable with Pete handling my tax returns.

Anthony Martinelli


As the owner of a small “start-up” company, I have many questions and needs that require ongoing CPA expertise. Peter’s patience with my many follow-up questions, open friendly communication style and professional acumen make him an asset to my business-one that I have come to rely on. I consider Peter to be a valued business partner. His service allows me to focus on the more critical needs of my business-like making money.

Richard Herczeg, President

Quality Service Partner, Inc.